Be Hive3D: ecofriendly wooden 3D-Printed housing

Be Hive3D is a Thesis Project ideated by AR DREAM srls with the partnership of the University of Salento (Faculty of Engineering, Department of Engineering of Innovation, Prof. Arch. Alberto La Tegola).

We believe that 3D printing is nowadays a solid, cost-effective and eco-friendly choice in home building, particularly when sustainable materials are used. In the construction industry, 3D printing offers the possibility of building residential areas where and when they are needed.

Examples are places struck by geophysical disasters, countries where the local population lacks of engineering knowledge or means, or when urban regeneration is required. 3D printing a residential area is a new concept, not only considering the architectural design value but also from an engineering point of view.

In fact, 3D printing offers the possibility to builds homes of various shapes, departing from the traditional building techniques.

At MakerFaire Rome 2016, AR DREAM proudly introduces Be Hive3D, a project ideated by AR DREAM for a work of Thesis at the University of Salento (Faculty of Engineering, Department of Engineering of Innovation, Prof. Arch. Alberto La Tegola), and with the partnership of the italian leading 3D printers manufacturer, Wasp and 3DPRN, and Dutch 3D Printing Filament manufacturer FormFutura.

Be-Hive3D brings you a future of wooden 3D-Printed housing, built in a modular honeycombed way. It’s a revolution in design and architecture, a new way to give a “social” aspect to the construction industry.

It takes inspiration from a beehive (the structure in which some bee species live) not only for its name but also for the geometry and organisation of the residential units. In fact, it is well known that the internal structure of a beehive is formed of densely packed hexagonal cells. This geometry, which we have used in the project for the residential units, allows a great optimisation of the space available and a reduction of the building material required.

Each BeHive units is well-designed, comfortable and eco-friendly during its life-cycle, from the production to the use, until the disposal. It is indeed printed using a mixture of polylactic acid (PLA) and wood powder. BeHive 3D will have not only a strong impact in the design and construction of residential home, but we believe that it will also revolutionise the entire civil engineering sector.